At Epigamia, we love food and we are always finding ways to unleash the best out of these foods. That’s when we launched Greek yogurt, where we strained dahi to get higher protein and infused it with real fruit to stimulate the taste buds. Since then, we have been challenging the boundaries of what is possible by launching products that are tastier and better for you.

Innovation to the Core

Innovation is our fuel. On our quest for novelty, we base all our interactions with different flavours and mix-ins at the Drums Food Innovation Centre. With plenty of creative elbowroom and a passion for pushing boundaries, we experiment with unique flavours, create new products and bring innovation to life!


Our Leadership

Rohan Mirchandani

CEO & Co-Founder

Our Leadership

Rahul Jain

COO & Co-Founder

Our Leadership

Uday Thakker

Director & Co-Founder

Our Leadership

Ganesh Krishnamoorthy

Chef & Co-Founder

Our Leadership

Siddarth Menon


Our Leadership

Ramanpreet Singh Sohi


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