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Vegan Dates Ice-Cream with Coconut Milk Yogurt

December 02, 2020

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5 cups of Epigamia coconut milk yogurt (Unsweetened)

200g dates (pitted)

Mint leaves and a few dates for garnish (optional)

100g almond flour


1In a bowl, soak the pitted dates in Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt overnight (or until the dates become soft enough the blend easily)

2Blend the mixture with a hand blender or a food processor.

3While blending, add 100g of almond flour and blend until you reach a creamy consistency

4Pour into a loaf tin (lined with parchment paper if possible)

5Freeze for 5 hours.

6When ready, take out and leave at room temperature for 10 to 20 minutes and it should be nicely scoopable.

7Top it up with some mint leaves and serve!